Pension Salary Exchange

Use pension salary sacrifice/exchange to benefit everyone

Auto – enrolment has led to employer and employee contributions now being at their maximum level. This makes pensions salary sacrifice more attractive. This is an ideal opportunity to introduce a new arrangement that can save significant amounts of National Insurance annually.


These savings can be used to enhance the benefits offered to employees.

Reducing the expense of pension salary exchange/sacrifice

Pension salary exchange/sacrifice is a way of making pension contributions that reduces the National Insurance costs for both employers and employees. However, setting up a new scheme can be challenging and requires careful planning.

Some of the questions you need to answer are:


  • How will you communicate the benefits and implications of the scheme to your employees?
  •  How will you tailor the scheme to suit your business objectives and employee needs?
  • How will you deal with different groups of employees, such as low earners, high earners, or those over state pension age?

How we can help you

Our salary exchange/sacrifice service will enable you to launch a successful scheme that is valued by your employees.

Our service includes;


  • Scheme design workshop
  • Employer report, covering key issues
  • Advice on employee communications
  • HMRC approval
  • On-going documentation updates and consultancy

We will provide you with a report that covers all the important issues, work with you to design and implement a scheme that meets your requirements, and obtain HMRC approval for your scheme to ensure compliance.

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