Regulated retirement and pension transfer advice

Helping to provide the best retirement outcomes

The new pension freedoms that came into effect in 2015 have given more retirement options than ever to members of DC pension schemes. However, these options also come with more challenges and risks.

Therefore, it is important to start planning for retirement early and get the right information and guidance.

Helping your DC pension scheme members to prepare for their retirement is not only beneficial for them, but also for your business.

Many employees are unable to retire at their desired age because they can’t afford to. This can have a negative impact on their morale, engagement, and productivity.


Ensuring that your employees have the best possible outcome in retirement is both a moral and a business imperative.

Clear, straightforward advice

To make informed decisions about their retirement options, your employees need to access and compare all the relevant information in a clear and convenient way.

We can provide the information to help them explore different scenarios and outcomes based on their personal preferences and goals.

Helping employees find the best solution

We can guide them to easily see how different choices affect their retirement income, such as annuities, investment strategies, cash withdrawal, income drawdown, or any combination of these. This way, they can find the best solution for their individual situation and needs.

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