Workplace Pension Scheme Solutions

Is your current pension scheme fit for purpose?

A good pension scheme is a key part of any employee benefits package.

Employers need to comply with the rules and regulations, and avoid any hidden problems that could affect their scheme. They also need to make sure their pension scheme is attractive to their employees.

We can review your current pension scheme and suggest solutions to improve its compliance and potentially reduce costs for you and your pension scheme members.

Pension scheme health check

Running a DC pension scheme can be challenging, especially with changing regulations and uncertain investments. That’s why it’s important to have an independent team to review your scheme and make sure it meets your objectives.

It’s important not to be complacent. An independent review of your DC pension scheme can help you ensure you are providing an effective benefit to your employees.

We can help you evaluate your pension scheme and strategy, looking at key areas such as;

  • Your people
  • Your governance
  • Your scheme’s design
  • Your investment options
  • Your value for money
  • The safety of your assets
  • Your communications

We also provide compliance checks to make sure that auto-enrolment declarations of compliance and contributions certifications are accurate and up-to-date, and that employee communications comply with the legal requirements.

After completing our review, we can assist you in ensuring that you have a workplace pension scheme that meets the legal requirements, benefits your employees and enhances your reputation.

Creating an effective workplace pension scheme solution

We offer a range of services to help you run your pension schemes effectively and engage your employees with their retirement planning.

Our services can include:

  • Annual scheme reviews to monitor performance and identify areas for improvement
  • On-going administration support to handle the day-to-day tasks and queries
  • Compliance support to ensure your schemes meet the legal and regulatory requirements
  • Member helpline to provide clear and accessible information to your employees
  • Member presentations, seminars and 1-2-1 meetings to educate and advise your employees on their pension options
  • Process guidance to help you streamline and simplify your pension processes
  • Provider relationship management to liaise with your pension providers and negotiate the best terms
  • Legislative updates to inform you of any changes in the pension rules and regulations
  • Scheme design and market reviews to help you design and benchmark your pension schemes against the best practices

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